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Kinevia Duo

The intelligent exercise therapy system


With options to provide active, passive and assisted therapy, the Kinetec Kinevia Duo has can be used to work both upper and lower limbs. It has a 7-inch touch screen display that guides the therapy and it can be easily adjusted for different patients without tools. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

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A whole-body trainer
The KINETEC KINEVIA DUO features a leg arm trainer system making it complete rehabilitation device for the whole body. The ingenious rotating system for the arm exerciser will provide excellent comfort to the user during both arm and leg treatment.

Training modes for each patient condition
The various training modes available makes it the ideal companion for neurologic and orthopaedic rehabilitation. The pre-programmed trainings feature basic modes (active, passive, assisted, symmetry,) as well as a selection of common pathologies (Parkinson’s, disease, multiple, sclerosis, cardio etc.)

Pre-set programs to guide therapy
The 7-inch touch screen offers a user-friendly interface guiding the patient through the therapy and providing an instant feedback on objectives and results. Combined with the KINETEC KINEVIA COCKPIT software, the device will track patient progress helping the patient management during rehabilitation.

Aesthetic design & high quality materials
The KINETEC KINEVIA DUO offers clean lines, functional design and durable materials to provide the user with the best and safest experience. The 5-year standard warranty supports the quality and reliability of the device.

Watch the tutorial for use here

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