Kinetec Centura B&W™

Kinetec Centura B&W™

The Shoulder CPM made for immediate post-operative therapy.

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The Kinetec Centura B&W™ is a Shoulder CPM that can be used for immediate post-operative therapy.

  • For use in bed or in a sitting position
  • Quick & easy set up
  • Unique flexion-extension movement
  • Height adjustable structure
  • Range of motion:
    • Flexion/extension arms extended from 0° to 110°
    • Flexion/extension arm flexed from 30° to 110°

The sooner the joint is moved the better

The Kinetec Centura B&W™ has been specifically designed to fulfil the requirements from professionals looking to mobilise the shoulder joint as early as possible following surgery. The unique chair-free design of the device enables a comfortable therapy whilst the patient is lying in bed.

Main movement featured

The Kinetec Centura B&W™ is supplied with the required accessories to perform a professional and safe CPM rehabilitation therapy.

Digital remote control

The digital remote control technology has been featured in the device to provide a visual feedback to the patient as well as movement accuracy during therapy.