3D-Lite Cut4Custom LSO

3D-Lite Cut4Custom LSO

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Cut-4-Custom is a corset in 3D-Lite material which consists of a pre-cut front and back section with pre-attached straps. It is easily moulded directly on the patient for a custom-fitted stable corset.

The corset comes as an LSO and TLSO to accommodate prescription and patient anatomy. Find the right size by measuring your patient and compare with the Sizing Chart. Choose a Front and a Back. C4C panels are made in 3D-LiteTM Low-Temperature Thermoplastic material.




3D-Lite Cut4Custom LSO

Features and Benefits

• Front and Back sections have straps pre-attached. Both sections are ready to be heated and custom molded to the patient.

• 2 heights to accommodate prescription and patient anatomy.

• Backs and Fronts sold separately and are interchangeable.C4C diagram scaled


• Compression fractures. Post-operative use. 

• Stabilisation of the spine.

Ready at first patient visit

• Becomes soft – ready to mold to patient contours in less than 10 minutes

• Solidified & Finished LSO or TLSO in approximately 20 minutes

• May be re-heated, flattened, and reformed several times

• Position of the pre-attached straps is easily changed for a further custom fit

Optimum draping and moldability

• Stretch in only one direction 

• Rigidity in all directions

Increased patient comfort and compliance

• Aerated for breathability

• Lightweight

• Non-toxic, no reports of skin irritation 

• May be worn in the shower

Additional information


Back, Front


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Start by measuring the waist circumference.

Take vertical measurement required to meet prescription criteria. 

Then select size from the table below.

c4c table scaled


• Wrap the material using either elastic wrap or hospital abdominal binder.

• Start with the back section and when it has cooled, continue with the front. 

• Wrapping is needed to assure the material fits the body contours and holds the precut in position until it hardens.