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Exceptional Kinetec electrodes for all of your electrotherapy needs.



Exceptional Kinetec® pack of 4 electrodes for all of your electrotherapy needs. Strong, tacky adhesive to ensure the electrodes securely stay in place. Easy to apply and to handle. Two size options for optimal fit. Latex free. High conductivity. (Supplied in packs of 4)

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Electrode options: 50 x 50mm (Pack of 4) or 50 x 90mm (Pack of 4)

Warranty: 1 Year



Cloth backing pad:
Ensures flexibility and great fit to the patients body. (Layer 1 in image 3 above)

Carbon lead wire:
Strong carbon lead wire provides excellent connection to your electrotherapy device. (Part 2 in image 3 above) .

Carbon Film:

A carbon film ensures connectivityto the lead wire. (Layer 3 in image 3 above)

Strong, tacky hydro gel pads:

The hydro gel pads connect the electrodes to the skin. Strong and tacky to ensure the pads stay in place during use. (Layer 4 in image 3 above)

Liner (pad protector):

The liner is made of PET film to protect the gel pads when not in use. The side connected to the electrode is coated in silicone for easy removal. (Layer 4 in image 3 above)

Two sizes The two size options ensure that there is an optimal size option for the required treatment.

Latex free Reduces the possibility of allergic reaction to the adhesive.

Wire pins From 2 – 2.15mm.

Kinetec Electrotherapy Brochure

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