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The perfect solution for measuring physical performance.


K-Deltas are elite-level force plates for physiotherapy, enabling precise measurement of static and dynamic balance for a wide range of movements.


All data collected via K-Deltas is instantaneously delivered through the K-Force app.


Both lightweight and extremely durable, with a high load capacity and sampling frequency, K-Deltas measure physical performance with the height of precision.

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KINVENT is revolutionising rehabilitation, with a cutting-edge solution that delivers prolonged patient engagement, increased efficiency and superior clinical outcomes. 


Objective and Instantaneous Assessment

Kinvent’s app-integrated assessment devices allow you to objectively and instantaneously measure strength, balance and range of motion. Motivate patients for longer engagement and improved results with in-app games and reports.

Connect multiple Kinvent devices with a single Kinvent Physio app license. If you don’t already have access to the app, choose from the following licenses here.

Need help setting up your sensor or K-Force App? Read more here.


Sports Performance Analysis

K-Deltas are designed for the advanced biomechanical analysis of sports performance. These force plates deliver precision performance data of jump repetitions, squats, push ups, skipping tests, among many other functions, and in doing so — help physical trainers and rehabilitation professionals manage an athlete’s return to sport.


High Capacity

K-Deltas have a maximum capacity of 4400 lbs per force plate. They offer data accuracy of 99.5%, a 1 ms syncing accuracy, and feature an R-11 rated, anti-slip film cover.


K-Deltas also have a stance evaluation of 2000 Hz.


Learn how the K-Deltas can be used in personalised rehabilitation by reading our Blog.


Versatile Performance Analysis

Measure performance in a totally versatile and fast way compared to any other system market, thanks to their design, their load capacity which is 2 tonnes per delta, and to their high sampling rate.


Forces and Velocities Analysis

Measure the optimal load for maximum power. Rehabilitate balance and assess lower limb muscular symmetry and strength.


Jump Analysis and Functional Evaluations

Assess jump height and obtain indicators on the impulse phase through the counter movement jump and squat jump protocol.


Team Statistics

Measure the ratio of an athlete’s ballistic peak strength to their isometric peak strength.

K-Deltas work with an android 5.0+ and an IOS 10.0+, with a bluetooth connexion low energy 5.0.

Weight: 8.8KG each platform.

Wireless Range: Up to 20 meters.

The maximum force that every platform can withstand is 2000KG.

The Battery has 12h of autonomy and needs 2h of charging.

Accuracy within 0.1% of reading.

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