The Kinetec Breva™ provides anatomically correct movements for the ankle and rear foot. It can be used in bed or while sitting in a chair. Please note the Breva CPM is held in our French warehouse and is subject to a 3 week lead time.

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    Anatomical and precise motion

    The Kinetec Breva™ enables ankle and rear foot motion in 2 dimensions from the most common plantar/dorsi flexion (-40° to 30°) to the more advanced eversion/inversion movement (-25° to 25°).

    Unique features

    The digital remote control provides a precise yet clear feedback to the patient as well as it helps the therapy with unique functions such as warm-up or by-pass.

    Safety First

    The remote control features a keyboard locking system preventing misuse and enhancing patient safety.

    Additional information

    Weight1 kg


    Technical specifications

    Remote control dedicated storage place when the machine is not used or during transport.

    Start/Stop and reverse always available for the patient.

    Possibility to block the adjustment of the parameters.

    Precise adjustment of the parameters of the movement.

    ROM, speed, pauses at the limit of extension or flexion, for improved outcomes.

    Load reverse ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint.

    Supplied with washable hygienic pads.

    Provided with a 2-year full warranty.

    Type BF class II electrical device.

    Speed: 50° to 150° per minute.

    Weight: 11 kg.

    Size of the device: Length 56 cm, width 37cm, height 45cm.

    Foot sizing: from 19 cm (7 Inch) to 29 cm (11 Inch).

    58x53x41 CM

    17 KG