Rush Elbow Brace (without handle)

Rush Elbow Brace (without handle)


This post-operative elbow brace is used for the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries which require limitation of pronation and supination of the forearm and controlled motion.




Rush Elbow Brace (without handle)

Product Characteristics

  • Single ROM hinge to control elbow joint motion-adjustment every 10°.
  • Quick lock at 0°, 15°,30°, 45°.
  • Possible elbow joint immobilisation in chosen position.
  • Additional suspension strap to offload and support the limb.


  • Additional hand holder (see below).
  • Adjustable length and circumference.


  • Universal.
  • Brace length: 35 cm – 48 cm.
  • Select option with or without handle (see table).

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Learn more about the Qmed Rush Elbow Brace (without handle) here.

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