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There are a range of pulleys available with Kinetec orthopaedic traction. The most commonly used is the open pulley. Also available are closed pulleys (ideal for patients who are restless or move a lot eg children), fixed open pulleys and a heavy duty open pulley (4655005279) that will take a weight of 40kg. All of the other pulleys accept traction weight of 10kg.

The ‘Simple Pulleys on a Column’ can be simply slotted over the end of a bed for simple inferior limb traction.

All orthopaedic traction frame accessories including bars, clamps, weights and pulleys are held in our French warehouse and are subject to a 2 -3 week lead time.

To view our full range of orthopaedic traction clamps, please download our bars catalogue:

Orthopaedic Traction – Pulleys

For more information on our full range of accessories, please download our accessory catalogue:

Traction Frames – Accessories Catalogue-HD

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