Kinetec offer a range of products that can help people with diabetes who have low to moderate risk of developing foot ulcers. It is vitally important to have extremely good foot health, so we offer a range of shoes, insoles and socks designed specifically for diabetes. We also offer a mirror to help you inspect the soles of your feet on a regular basis. (If you are unsure what your risk level is of developing a foot ulcer, please ask your healthcare professional, such as your GP or podiatrist to explain).

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Look after your feet!

Not all people with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) will develop a foot problem, but certain factors can increase your risk. These include:

Peripheral neuropathy; Peripheral vascular disease; High pressure points on the foot; Trauma to the foot

There are 10 steps to good foot health (as listed by Diabetes UK) and these include having an annual foot review, daily feet inspection, protecting feet indoors and outdoors and wearing appropriate footwear. (Please read the PDF brochure below).

For research into diabetes and foot ulcer development, you can find some interesting articles here:

Research into Diabetes and Foothealth

Below you will find a range of shoes, socks and products that will help you take care of your feet.

Diabetes Footcare Brochure

Diabetes Friendly Shoes

All of the shoes listed below have been selected because they help to prevent issues associated with ulcer development in people with diabetes. They have a variety of features including ‘seam-free’ linings and lots of room for the feet. There are lightweight options to be used as house shoes which protect the feet whilst indoors. The outdoor shoes and boots protect and keep feet dry while out and about.

  • Dax Shoe

    Dax Shoe

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  • Classic 1 Boot

    Classic 1 Boot

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  • Classic 2 Shoe

    Classic 2 Shoe

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  • Leiden Shoe

    Leiden Shoe

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  • Harlem Boot

    Harlem Boot

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  • Douai Boot

    Douai Boot

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Diabetes Friendly Socks

Our Sockwell® socks includes a diabetes friendly range that are designed to be optimal for people with diabetes. They are made with a combination of bamboo and merino wool to the highest quality and performance. Stylish, practical and wonderfully comfortable, if you have diabetes, these are ideal.

  • Sale! Easy Does It (Denim) (Womens)

    Easy Does It (Denim) (Womens)

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  • Sale! Softie Plum (Womens)

    Softie Plum (Womens)

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  • Sale! Easy Does It (Black) (Womens)

    Easy Does It (Black) (Womens)

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  • Sale! Easy Does It (Black) (Mens)

    Easy Does It (Black) (Mens)

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  • Sale! Easy Does It (Grey) (Mens)

    Easy Does It (Grey) (Mens)

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  • Sale! Easy Does It (Navy) (Mens)

    Easy Does It (Navy) (Mens)

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  • Sale! Softie Eucalyptus (Womens)

    Softie Eucalyptus (Womens)

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Diabetes Friendly Insoles

We have a range of insoles that can help you if you have diabetes. The Liqua Care insoles have been tested and are clinically proven to reduce the ‘plantar pressure’ when worn in a normal shoe. This reduces the risk of ulcer formation. The Comfort Insoles are designed to fit in the Pulman shoes, providing support and cushioning of the sole of the foot.

  • Sale! Liqua Care

    Liqua Care

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  • Dr.Aktive Comfort Insoles -0

    Dr.Aktive Comfort Insoles

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Diabetes Friendly Accessories

The SoleSee® mirror is perfect for helping you or a loved one to look after the soles of their feet if they have diabetes. Designed to fold flat for easy storage and carrying, the mirror is large and allows the user to inspect the soles of their feet comfortably and easily. A must have for anyone wanting to look after their feet if they have diabetes.

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