Kinvent Essential Pack

Kinvent Essential Pack

The K-Force essential pack combines three products from Kinvent’s catalog:


The Pack comes with a free one year Starter License to the K-Force Pro app.

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    KINVENT is revolutionising rehabilitation, with a cutting-edge solution that delivers prolonged patient engagement, increased efficiency and superior clinical outcomes.


    Objective and instantaneous assessment

    Kinvent’s app-integrated assessment devices allow you to objectively and instantaneously measure strength, balance and range of motion. Motivate patients for longer engagement and improved results with in-app games and reports.

    Connect multiple Kinvent devices with a single Kinvent Physio app license. If you don’t already have access to the app, choose from the following licenses here.

    Need help setting up your sensor or K-Force App? Read more here.


    Versatile devices

    The K-Force Essential Pack brings objectivity into physiotherapy, with a collection of versatile devices designed by Kinevnt.


    This Essential Pack toolkit delivers accurate data in real-time, to help rehab professionals offer data in their patient’s rehab journey.

    What’s included

    • K-Push
    • K-Force Plates
    • K-Move
    • One-year subscription to the Starter licence
    Multiple Assessments

    It can take a variety of instantaneous measurements including:

    • Internal rotator cuff
    • Biceps
    • Hamstrings
    • Adductors
    • Nordic hamstring test
    Multiple Assessments

    K-Plates enable measurement of static and dynamic balance in a wide range of movements, including:

    • Bipodal stance
    • Bipodal tip/heel distribution
    • Unipedal tip/heel distribution
    • Squat analysis
    • Push up analysis
    • McCall test
    Multiple assessments

    K-Move can be used to assess, monitor and rehabilitate movements in the upper limbs, including:

    • Shoulder abduction
    • Elbow flexion
    • Shoulder antepulsion

    K-Move can also be used to assess, monitor and rehabilitate movements in the lower limbs, including:

    • Squat
    • Knee extension
    • Knee flexion

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