Technica Terap

Technica Terap


Designed for the treatment of the diabetic foot in its acute phase and for pressure unloading in case of neuropathology and ischemic forefoot or midfoot ulcers. 


SKU: EX025200


Technica Terap

Product Characteristics

  • Stabilising and thermoformed heel-counter and a shock-absorbing rigid and rocking outsole with a non-slip island to ensure better stability.
  • All uppers have a super-soft padding and no internal seams in order to minimise the frictions.
  • Thermoformable upper in pel-flex, which is partially waterproof, guarantees thermal and hygienic protection to the foot.


  • Multi-velcro closure guarantees a comfortable fit with ease to adjust, even with a bandaged foot.


  • S – XXL
  • Select show size from EU show size (see chart).

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  • Diabetic ulcerations
  • Plantar ulcerations
  • Neuroischemic ulcerations
  • Fracture of the metatarsals
  • Surgery and fractures of the toes
  • Rehabilitation after toes amputation
  • Pre-surgery stabilisation
  • Instability of the hindfoot

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