X-Lite Accessories

Now introducing the X-Lite® product range, a revolutionary range of high quality, biodegradable splinting and casting materials. Kinetec are delighted to include this range in our product offerings and we are excited to feature eco-friendly, non-toxic and zero waste products for our customers. X-Lite® provides a solution to plastic waste in multiple ways, including its durability allowing you to reheat the material any number of times, meaning that every bit of material is used. Once the patient is finished with the splint, it will biodegrade over time, avoiding any contribution to waste. Choose from our range of accessories including edging tape, padding, foam and stockinette.

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  • 3D-Safe Adhesive Foam

    3D-Safe Adhesive Foam

    £26.34 £21.95 Ex VAT
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  • Colour Elastic Bandage

    Colour Elastic Bandage

    From: £17.59
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  • Curved Nibbler Scissors

    £19.67 £16.39 Ex VAT
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  • Mikrofix – Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop

    From: £56.36
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  • Silicone Rolling Pin

    £21.98 £18.32 Ex VAT
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  • Soft Strapping

    From: £46.26
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  • Super Cast Scissors

    From: £29.45
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  • X-Lite Edging Tape

    From: £54.31
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  • X-Lite Plus Edging Tape

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  • X-Lite Silicone Plate

    £15.84 £13.20 Ex VAT
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  • X-Lite Stockinette Dispenser

    From: £17.11
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  • X-Lite® Hook

    From: £36.22
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  • X-Lite® Stockinette

    From: £8.24
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  • X-Lite Foam

    From: £22.61
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