About Kinetec

In this section, learn about our brands, our history and why you should choose Kinetec as your preferred supplier of rehabilitation products.


Our Core Brands

Our four core brands are Kinetec®, Manosplint®, Dr.Aktive® and Halo Medical™. These are owned and developed by us to represent quality, service and innovation. We also have a range of high-quality, exclusive distributed brands which we are delighted to represent including Pulman®, Biomedica®, Moovartes BV® and Sockwell®.

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Our own factories

Our main factory in North-East France, based in Tournes in the Ardennes, manufactures the core Kinetec branded products. From the market leading CPM devices, to a full range of orthopaedic traction devices and our innovative Kinetec Kinevia range, this factory works to the highest standards and is ISO13485 and ISO9001 accredited.

Our Halo Medical  in Wellingborough, UK, manufactures bespoke shoes, insoles and plastic orthoses for the NHS.

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S.E.T. Beliefs

Our group companies all follow our S.E.T. beliefs – service, environment and technology.

We pride ourselves on delivering market-leading service standards to our customers, from next day deliveries to bespoke manufacturing, we will always seek the best solutions for our customers.

We focus on making sure we offer the best environmental solutions, from innovative ‘offcuts recycling’ for the hand therapy world to using ‘hybrid’ cars for our staff.

We will utilise technology to improve our customer solutions wherever possible. Examples include our App based control for our Spectra Companion to scanning technology used in insole production.

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Kinetec History

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Our Group Accreditations

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Our team.

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