Women’s Health and International Women’s Day

Published: March 8, 2024
Women's Health international women's day

As unique as every woman is, we can all agree that there is a simple joy in finding that your favourite dress comes with pockets.  It’s right up there with chocolate, eating your favourite takeout, and curling up in a cosy blanket after a long day.


Women’s health and wellness is an important topic for Medfac. Many of our products are made for all bodies in mind. Whether it’s for an active patient or post-op patient requiring passive training, active training, cold therapy, or interactive therapy treatment, Dr. Aktive has products to meet those needs.

Cold Therapy for Women’s Health


There are numerous benefits to gain from cold therapy and cold compression therapy. The well-known include aiding muscle recovery, joint pain and helping you to heal after injuries. It’s a great option for helping speed up recovery after exercises, which is what our Cryo Pro® is best at.


Using the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) principle, one device can make the whole recovery process a lot more streamlined and a more approachable way to aid recovery. Helping with joint and muscle recovery, but as we learn more about women’s health (click link to learn more about this research), there are links that cold therapy has proven to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Cold therapy can also improve circulation, deepen sleep, and reduce inflammation in the body.

Women's Health Shoulder wrap cryo pro

It may not be dresses with pockets, but cold therapy will be sure to be a must for your women’s health and wellness needs. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about any new products, especially those to do with cold therapy.