Wraparound Knee Brace

Wraparound Knee Brace


Designed to support injuries to the collateral ligaments and for mild instabilities of cruciate ligaments and meniscal injuries.


The integrated, adjustable hinges provide lateral support.


SKU: S-FIT-80-006


Wraparound Knee Brace

Product Characteristics

  • This brace is compact, soft and made from breathable material to reduce sweating.
  • Ideal for participating in a range of avtivities and sports.


  • It has a wrap-around closure making it easy to administer.
  • Easy to operate monocentric hinge which controls range of motion every 10° for flexion & extension.


  • Fits both left & right legs.
  • Select size by measuring thigh circumference, 15 cm above mid-patella.

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