Plantar Ease Quarter (Black) (Mens)

Plantar Ease Quarter (Black) (Mens)

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These socks specialise in benefiting patients with Plantar fasciitis by offering you plantar and ankle support with a graduated compression leg. Also, Spandex throughout the sock keeps them up where they belong all day long


This sock is ideal for everyday use, for people who prefer simple but stylish designs. The sock is a simple design yet stands out with a white zigzag pattern throughout. The sock also features blue highlights on the top of the sock helping the sock stand out more.


Additional information


Product: 33% merino wool; 33% rayon from bamboo; 29% stretch nylon; 5% Spandex



Cashmerino Wool:
Provides comfort, natural thermo-regulation and natural moisture management.

Natural rayon from Bamboo:

The bamboo rayon, obtained from renewable sources, helps with sock durability and thermo-regulation .


The ultra-smooth toe closure ensures no seam abrasion to sensitive skin.

Relaxed fit:
These socks have just the correct amount of recovery to avoid bunching and shearing .

Protective pressure-dispersing cushioning on the sole:
These socks The protective cushioning disperses pressure without adding bulk and tightness in the shoe.

Non-binding true-rib top:
These socks will stay up on your leg without creating pressure points.

Men’s M/L (UK 6-9) & L/XL (UK 9.5-12).