The Kinevia is a high quality, intelligent exercise therapy system for the lower limbs, featuring a wide range of exercise modes and benefits for the user. The Kinevia offers a choice of exercise including passive, assisted and active to tailor the patients’ rehabilitation experience.

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    The Kinetec Kinevia motorised therapy trainer provides engaging movement therapy for the legs. Their are multiple benefits for the patient with options of treatment for a range of indications.

    A choice of exercise modes

    You are able to choose from various exercise modes, including:

    • Passive:
      • a gentle and motor-driven mobilisation of the muscles and joints. Ideal during the warm-up phase, it will also reduce spasms and tension.
    • Assisted:
      • the device will support the exercise training to mobilise even the weakest residual muscle strength. This mode will provide a continuous movement whether passive or active.
    • Active:
      • the 20 levels of resistance will ensure a progressive strength and muscle training to the patient.

    Innovative and intuitive

    This unique system comes with a number of innovative specifications, including:

    • The Kinetec Kinevia™ features clean lines, functional design and durable materials to provide the user with the best and safest user experience
    • Tool-free adjustment, including quick adjustment of the pedals and a safety height adjustment feature
    • The high-quality transport wheels stable wheels with ball bearing allow for easy transport of the Kinevia, even over asphalt
    • 5 year warranty
    • Class IIa medical device
    • Adjustment of pedal width and radius

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    • Easy movement using the wheels

    Kinevia Duo Transport 2 Kinevia Detail 08 RGB scaled 1


    Smart technology

    Maintaining patients engagement and motivation is the key to success. The Kinevia entertainment system has been designed specifically for this purpose, featuring interactive games and videos in real locations through an additional 10” tablet. The user-friendly interface guides the patient through their treatment and instantly provides session goals and results. Combined with Kinetec Kinevia Cockpit™ software, this device will track patient progress and assist in patient management.

    The benefits of movement therapy

    Physical exercise is an expression of personal freedom. Repeated, frequent and consistent movements, whether performed directly by the patient or through a device, have proven to help recover the functional abilities and capacities leading to an improved well-being and independence of the individuals. This includes:

    • Maintaining and building muscle strength
    • Regulating muscle tone and reducing spams
    • Preventing joint stiffness and adhesions
    • Stimulating metabolism and blood circulation

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    Additional information

    Weight1 kg

    Easy to use

    The Kinevia has been designed to minimize efforts during set up and to avoid the use of tools. The exclusive pedal width and radius adjustment will accommodate all types of patients and maximise their comfort whilst using the equipment.

    Patient Safety

    As patient safety is key, the Kinevia provides user-friendly interface with different levels of activity according to the patient condition, as well as a unique and adjustable spasm control feature.

    The applications are virtually limitless for neurology and orthopaedic rehabilitation. The Kinetec Kinevia Duo™ will help you with your daily therapeutic exercises. Its use will benefit you for the following pathologies:

    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Stroke
    • Paraplegia
    • Muscle disorders
    • Orthopaedics
    • Dementia
    • Senior exercising

    Dimensions of the device:

    Height: 102 to 122cm

    Length: 87 to 92cm

    Width: 68cm

    Weight: 36kg

    Maximum user weight: 135kg.

    Rotation speed (bars and legs): 5 to 60 revolutions per minute in passive training
    from 5 to 90 revolutions per minute in active training.

    Distance between footrests: 13.5 to 25.5cm (measured on the inner sides)

    Distance between arm handles: 20cm (measured on the inner sides).

    Pedal radius:

    Leg trainer: 50 to 125mm.

    Type and electrical class: type BF Class II A device.

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