Technica Diab

Technica Diab


The Technica Diab is a high leg-foot brace, which is adaptable to the patient. It allows the displacement of part of the load on the ankles and calves.


The outsole, thanks to the features of movement control and pressure redistribution decompresses the areas affected by the injury, significantly improving ambulation.


SKU: EX027200


Technica Diab

Product Characteristics

  • All uppers have super-soft padding with no internal seams to minimise the frictions.
  • High thermoformable stiffener.
  • Rigid, anti-flexion and rocking outsole. Variable volume.


  • Multi-velcro closures.


  • S – XXL
  • Select show size from EU show size (see chart).

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  • Diabetic plantar ulcer
  • Plantar ulcer
  • Post-amputation rehabilitation (up to trans-metatarsal amputation)
  • Post-operative rehabilitation of the tarsus
  • Fracture of the tarsus
  • Management of the chronic phase of Charcot’s foot
  • Malleolus fracture


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