Scolio Walker

Scolio Walker

Kinetec® are delighted to bring a new traction frame, the Scolio Walker.

The walker allows suspension by a cranial halo to allow the patient to move freely.

The main indication is major spinal deformity.

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    Scolio Walker

    Stretching the spine

    Called halos, they are attached to an overhead pulley system that adds pressure to pull up the spine.

    In this case, the halo is used during the pre-operative elongation period and, if necessary, in complicated cases, postoperative stabilisation for a few months.

    It can also be used in cases of traumatic, pathological, or iatrogenic vertebral instability.

    User manual.

    • Usable for walking or sitting.
    • Can be pushed or pulled depending on the patient’s preference.
    • Padded handles, adjustable in height and rotatable by 90°.
    • 4 fully locking swivel castors (ø 100 mm).
    • Secure, articulated suspension pulley.
    • Weights positioned in a secure guide tube.
    • Adaptable width: 62 cm or 68 cm
    • Maximum patient weight: 100 kg
    • Maximum patient height: 1.9 m
    • Maximum traction weight: 20 kg
    • Comes with a 100m spool of rope and assembly key.
    • Delivered with 7 weights of 1kg and 2 weights of 500 gr.
    • Class 1 medical device.