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An innovative pressure dynamometer.


K-Bubble is the ideal tool to objectively measure patients’ ability to exert pressure with any body part, as it transforms pressure variations in force measurements.


It is indicated for tests on the adductors or the cervical rachis.


K-Bubble is a versatile pneumatic dynamometer that transforms pressure variations into accurate force measurements through the K-Force app.


The device can be inserted into inflatable objects to perform a wide variety of measurements.


All the K-Bubble accessories are included.

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KINVENT is revolutionising rehabilitation, with a cutting-edge solution that delivers prolonged patient engagement, increased efficiency and superior clinical outcomes. 


Objective and Instantaneous Assessment

Kinvent’s app-integrated assessment devices allow you to objectively and instantaneously measure strength, balance and range of motion. Motivate patients for longer engagement and improved results with in-app games and reports.

Connect multiple Kinvent devices with a single Kinvent Physio app license. If you don’t already have access to the app, choose from the following licenses here.

Need help setting up your sensor or K-Force App? Read more here.


Multiple Assessments

K-Bubble is a dynamic pressure sensor that, when inserted into any inflatable object, can give precise force measurements in a number of movements, including:

  • Grip
  • Chest strength
  • Neck extension
  • Adductor strength

K-Bubble has a maximum pressure of up to .4 Bar, delivering data accuracy of 98.5%.

It also has a 1ms syncing accuracy.

K-Bubble also delivers wireless data transmission through an integrated App.


Learn how the K-Bubble can be used in personalised rehabilitation by reading our Blog.


Isometric Strength Assessment

Achieve isometric strength through the peak force as well as the average force for a specific muscle or muscle groups.

Repetition Counts

Train your patients on a specific number of repetitions to reach a specific target and control in real-time the achievement as well as the pace of the repetitions.


Fast Assessment

Evaluate every part of the body in seconds, as the sensors provide real-time feedback through Kinvent Physio App.

User Friendly and Adaptable

Adapt this dynamometer with any inflatable cushion to expand testing possibilities.

K-Bubble works with an android 5.0+ and an IOS 10.0+, with a bluetooth connexion low energy 5.0.

Weight: 36 Grams.

Wireless Range: Up to 50 meters.

Max Pressure: 0.4 BAR

The Battery has 12h of autonomy and needs 2h of charging.

Accuracy within 1.5% of reading.

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