Follow Knee Brace

Follow Knee Brace


The Follow knee brace is a lightweight, rigid knee brace to provide functional support post injury.


It has a regulated range of motion which can be used to treat a range of injuries.


The brace can be used to help the rehabilitation process and regain the ability to participate in activities after knee joint injuries.




Follow Knee Brace

Product Characteristics

  • Lightweight, aluminium frame provides support.
  • Six hook ad loop straps provide easy fixation.
  • Soft padding protects the leg and ensures optimal position.
  • Anatomically profiled, light, openwork construction.
  • Four – point support system with extension and flexion stops provided.


  • Condylar and supracondylar pads (2/4/6mm).
  • Moveable attachments for the straps to ensure optimal strap length.

Have a look at our full range of braces and supports: Supports & Braces

Learn more about the Qmed Follow Knee Brace here.

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