Why Kinetec?

Kinetec have SET beliefs – service, environment and technology. These beliefs drive our focus on the best possible customer service, caring for the environment (working, customer and natural) and utilising the latest technology.


24hr Delivery for most orders

60+ Countries supplied with Kinetec products every year

12yrs + Average life expectancy of our CPMs

Experts in their chosen product fields.

Kinetec are experts in their chosen product fields, being the market leaders through living the values of quality, service and innovation. As part of the Medfac group, with country offices in France, USA and UK, Kinetec offers a growing range of professional rehabilitation products.

The name Kinetec is synonymous worldwide with continuous passive motion (CPM) devices representing high-quality, reliability, longevity and user satisfaction. Since the acquisition by the Medfac group in September 2013, Kinetec has sought to add to its range of products continuing the same values.

High-quality products in active motion therapy, hand therapy and footwear

Kinetec now offer high-quality products in active motion therapy. The Kinetec Kinevia offers outstanding features, reliability and quality with a range of accessories for most patients. In addition, the rehabilitation professional now has access to a wide range of hot and cold devices that help the patient with their pain relief and swelling.

In 2016, Kinetec entered the hand therapy and splinting arena with the Manosplint low-temperature thermoplastic range. This range offers unique and innovative solutions for patient compliance as one can print on the material with unlimited choice of design, pattern, image or information. In the UK, Kinetec also offer the Pulman medical footwear range.

This range is well-established among medical professionals – particularly orthotists and podiatrists – due to the high quality of the design and manufacture offering long-term value for the patients.

Outstanding service and support.

All of Kinetec’s products are supported with outstanding service and support. Being experts in our various product fields, Kinetec can provide outstanding information and solutions to our customers ensuring long-lasting confidence in our products and our brands.

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Medfac Group

The Kinetec companies all belong to the Medfac group. The underlying belief is that by manufacturing our own products in Europe we can guarantee product quality matched by outstanding product support. The core Kinetec brand products are made in our factory in France. The Medfac group also incorporates a factory in the UK for footwear, insoles and AFOs.

Core Kinetec Product Brands


Long established as a market leading brand for CPMs, orthopaedic traction and active motion therapy.


Manosplint has been established as an important hand therapy brand worldwide since 2016. With a focus on innovation, Kinetec regularly bring new, innovative solutions to the hand therapy market.


Dr.Aktive® is our brand for a range of products that the patient or consumer can ‘self-select’ without the input of a therapist or doctor. The range includes cold therapy devices, insoles, shoes and socks.