Introducing X-Lite® Eco-Friendly Splinting Materials

Welcome to your new home for the entire X-Lite®range. Now introducing the X-Lite® product range, a revolutionary range of high quality, biodegradable splinting and casting materials. Kinetec are delighted to include this range in our product offerings and we are excited to feature eco-friendly, non-toxic and zero waste products for our customers. Click the link below to find out more!

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Extrostyle® now available at Kinetec®!

Kinetec® are delighted to introduce Extrostyle®! Founded on the principles of innovation, ExtroStyle® has been leading in the provision of specialised off-the-shelf footwear, manufactured in Italy for over 30 years. Each pair of shoes are manufactured with creativity, heart and passion, with the fundamental belief that ‘walking is living’, combining style, medical benefits and value. Click the link below to see the full range!

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Home Rental of CPMs

CPM therapy is a well accepted and well used treatment method for regaining full functionality of joints that have had an operation or suffered trauma. We offer a full range of rental CPMs to aid your rehabilitation.

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Cryo Pro Cold Therapy

This portable, easy to use cold therapy device is the ideal solution for effective pain relief. Have a look at our package deals or our rental tab to begin your recovery.

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Grip Training with Squegg

Bluetooth enabled grip device with motivational games to help track and improve your grip strength.

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BoBo Balance Training

The smart balance board ideal for physiotherapists looking for a gamified experience for their patients, increasing motivation and rehabilitation progress.

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Hand Therapy Supplies

We offer a full range of high-quality and innovative hand therapy products. These include a full range of thermoplastics with bespoke printing technology, water baths and dry heat ovens, cutting solutions including the unique Safety Cutter, padding, strapping and other commonly used accessories.

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Insoles by Dr.Aktive®

The Dr.Aktive® insole range features the Orthosole, Carbon Fibre Insole and Heel Lift. Ranging from orthotic insoles with patented design, insoles with stiffening design for ulceration prevention and leg length inequality.

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Healthcare Professionals

Are you a Healthcare Professional? Register for an account using your professional registration number to access special prices.

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Trusted by therapists around the world for our product quality, service and innovation.

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Best Selling Products

Discover some of the best selling products from our Kinetec, Dr Aktive & Manosplint ranges.

  • Dr Aktive Heel Lift

    Dr Aktive Heel Lift

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  • woman on cpm on bed reading lr

    Knee CPM Rental

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  • Kurn 221019 8044 original scaled

    Carbon Fibre Insoles

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  • Cryo Pro Unit w Knee Wrap scaled

    Cryo Pro Rental

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  • Sale! OrthoSole Thin Womens

    OrthoSole Thin Womens

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  • Sale! OrthoSole Thin Mens

    OrthoSole Thin Mens

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  • Dr.Aktive CCT Knee

    Dr.Aktive CCT Knee

    £30.00 £25.00 Ex VAT
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  • Roma Black AFO Shoe

    Roma Black AFO Shoe

    From: £124.95
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  • 869644000391 08


    £55.00 £45.83 Ex VAT
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  • m500000020 21 black stockinette 1

    Black Cotton Stockinette

    From: £22.18
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  • Cryo Unit w Shoulder Wrap Hot Cold Therapy scaled

    Cryo Pro Package 1

    From: £400.00
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  • Heavy Duty Shears, self - opening

    Heavy Duty Shears, self – opening

    £66.04 £55.03 Ex VAT
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  • Poly Cast Shoe

    Poly Cast Shoe

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Knee Hospital Female Controlling CPM LR

Why Customers and Suppliers use Kinetec

Kinetec are experts in their chosen product fields, being the market leaders through living the values of quality, service and innovation. As part of the Medfac group, with country offices in France, USA and UK, Kinetec offers a growing range of professional rehabilitation products.

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Knee Sofa Male Controlling CPM LR

Rental Solutions

Kinetec UK offer a range of rental solutions for institutions and private individuals. Renting your CPM directly from the Kinetec, the manufacturer, will give continuity of the device used in hospital as well as outstanding product support.

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