CEM Elbow Module With Chair

CEM Elbow Module With Chair

Kinetec CEM elbow module with chair. This accessory provides an anatomical extension/flexion of the elbow with adjustable pronation/supination.

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    This C.E.M module with a chair, provides flexion/extension of the elbow from -10_ to 135_ with fixed prono-supination, with fully adjustable shoulder abduction. This device is supplied on a sturdy chair base so that it can be used as a complete, discrete unit. It features:

    • Intuitive remote control
    • A great variety of positionings
    • Enables movements in many different axis to suit the rehabilitation protocol and patient condition

    Head rest & shoulder stabilisation

    This accessory improves comfort during long rehabilitation sessions, maintains the correct positioning of the shoulder in the scapulohumeral joint axis and prevents the shoulder from rising when the arm is elevated above 90° in abduction.

    Transport bag

    This accessory allows you to easily transport the device.


    Technical specifications

    Elbow flexion/extension:
    -10° to 135°

    Our Youtube channel features the unboxing and set up of our CPM’s. Click on the link below to see:

    Unit set up