Kinevia Accessories

The full range of accessories to be used with the Kinevia & Kinevia Duo active-passive trainer.

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  • Kinevia Arm Guidance

    Kinevia Arm Guidance

  • Kinevia Entertainment System

    Kinevia Entertainment System

  • Kinevia Foot Fixture

    Kinevia Foot Fixture

  • Kinevia Ergonomic Handle Bar

    Kinevia Ergonomic Handle Bar

  • Kinevia Heart rate kit

    Kinevia Heart Rate Kit

  • Kinevia Calf Supports

    Kinevia Calf Supports

  • Kinevia Paediatric Footshelves

    Kinevia Paediatric Footshelves

  • Kinevia Anti-Fall Brackets

    Kinevia Anti-Fall Brackets

  • Kinevia Handfix

    Kinevia Handfix