From the Spanish word ‘Mano’ for hand, the Manosplint brand represents a range of hand therapy products including low-temperature thermoplastics, dry heat ovens, heat pans and accessories.

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Full range of thermoplastics

The Manosplint® thermoplastics comprises a full range of materials for all of your splinting needs. From 1/8″ (3.2mm) to 1/16″ (1.6mm) high-to-low resistance to stretch our range is superb quality and great value. Allied to our services (offcuts recycling in the UK) and our unique custom printing technology (see below), we should be the supplier of choice in your hand therapy clinic.

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Innovative and exclusive – Manosplint® printing technology

We offer you a unique opportunity for images to be printed directly onto our Manosplint thermoplastic materials.

You can create your own designs such as:

  • Display your logo
  • Show your favourite pet
  • Animal prints
  • Skin tones
  • Patterns

Ideal for compliance – particularly for long term splint wears and kids.

Contact us directly for more details or see all of the prints on the thermoplastic product pages.

Dry Heat Oven

A revolutionary way to work – the Manosplint® Dry Heat Oven

The Manosplint® Dry Heat Oven is a new and innovative thermoplastic heater that requires no water and can be easily cleaned between patients. It comes to temperature in under a minute and is fully insulated to give quick, clean, safe materials heating.

More information on the Dry Heat Oven
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Unique and innovative Manosplint® Safety Cutter

Why not overcome the challenges of cutting plastics safely and without damaging your thumb CMC joint? The innovative Manosplint Safety Cutter enables you to cut your materials in a safe and controlled manner – even up to 1/8″ (3.2mm) cold plastic.

Find out more about the Manosplint Safety Cutter
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The ability for Kinetec to print patterns, designs and images on our thermoplastics really adds a unique, fun solution for many of our customers.

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Chris Manning Director & General Manager, Kinetec Medical Products UK Ltd.

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