Spectra Kompanion

Spectra Kompanion

The Kinetec Spectra Kompanion utilises the latest app-based technology to provide additional therapy modes with an intuitive tablet control.

Please note the delivery time for the Spectra Kompanion for the UK is 3 – 5 business days.

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    The Kinetec Spectra Kompanion™ utilises the latest app based technology to provide additional therapy modes with an intuitive tablet control.

    Using a secure, efficient & progressive technology to improve patient monitoring, compliance and outcomes.

    • Personalised & intuitive therapy
    • Active evaluation of the patient during his session
    • Smart touch interface
    • Monitoring & patient management
    • ROM from -10° to 120°

    The advantages of the Kinetec Spectra Kompanion™

    •  Monitor patient therapy and evolution daily through a mobile/tablet app available on iOS and Android platforms.
    •  Full patient report access & easy transmission via email directly from the mobile/tablet.
    •  Protocol customization to adapt to the individual requirements of the patient.
    • Intuitive dashboard to adjust basic parameters.
    •  Daily objectives & achievements on explicit graphics & videos.
    •  Educational videos & exercises to improve compliance & outcomes.
    •  Data confidentiality.

    Range of motion

    From -10° to 120° of flexion.
    The Kinetec Spectra Kompanion™ range of motion allows treatment of most knee & hip pathologies. Anatomically correct alignment increases patient compliance and decreases joint stress.

    Exercise modes

    • Patient set up mode: One click and the unit will position itself at a non-pain level of 20° flexion (can be adjusted in settings).
    • Warm up mode: Initiate the session at 70% of ROM and increase by 5% until reaching the full ROM set up. spring mode: Repeat 3 times the last 10° of extension and flexion (can be adjusted in settings).
    • Extremity focus mode: The speed will be minimal during the first 10° and the last 10° of the movement. The speed will be faster during the rest of the range of motion (can be adjusted in settings).
    • Evaluation mode: Three levels of active resistance exercise to test and evaluate patient progress within the rehab process. (The patient performs 5 or 10 repeated exercises during which he is asked to resist against the device whilst going into flexion.)
    • Dynamic stretch mode: Mode used with patients having difficulties reaching full extension. The device will gradually extend the knee with pauses between each stretch.

    Additional information

    Weight12 kg

    Technical Specifications

    The anatomically correct system increases the comfort of the patient and decreases the points of pressure. – Touch screen operated under Android O.S.

    Multi-lingual software for full patient compliance & understanding.

    Bluetooth 4.0 for consistent, reactive and safe communication with the device. – Wi-Fi connection for remote access.

    Possibility to lock the adjustment of the parameters.

    Start/Stop/Reverse function.

    Internally contained medical grade transformer eliminates handling extra components. – 2 year warranty.

    Type BF class II electrical device.

    Long-life DC motor and screw-drive mechanism for years of reliable performance.

     Speed: 45° to 155° per minute.

    Weight: 12,5 kg.

    Size of the device: Length 95cm, width 33cm, height 33cm.

    Patient sizing:

    Full patient: 145 to 195 cm

    Full leg size: 71 to 99 cm

    Tibia: 38 to 53 cm

    Femur: 33 to 46 cm

    User weight: 135 kg

    Our Youtube channel features the unboxing and set up of our CPM’s. Click on the links below to see them:

    Kinetec Spectra Kompanion™ playlist

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