Kinetec have a range of core house brands – Kinetec®, Manosplint®, Dr.Aktive® and Halo Medical™. We are also proud to represent some market-leading distributed brands such as Pulman®, Sockwell®, Biomedica® and FitLine®. These brands are currently not distributed in the USA. Please see below for further details.


Kinetec offer a range of product brands that support physical rehabilitation.

The historic and market leading Kinetec® brand is primarily associated with continuous passive motion and orthopaedic traction.

In 2016 we launched the Manosplint® brand to represent a full range of hand therapy products including thermoplastics.

Our Dr.Aktive® brand supports all of our products that can be self-selected by patients and consumers and includes OrthoSole® insoles and cold therapy consumables.

The Halo Medical™ brand is used for all of the bespoke orthotics that are produced primarily for the hospital market, including shoes, insoles and plastics. These products are not available at Kinetec USA, Inc.

Our range of exclusively distributed brands includes Pulman® medical comfort shoes, Fitline® orthopaedic supports, Biomedica® medical footwear and Sockwell® socks. Currently not available at Kinetec USA, inc.


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