OrthoSole® by Dr.Aktive® Launched

Published: July 8, 2020

Kinetec are delighted to have launched the OrthoSole® by Dr.Aktive®.

The OrthoSole® orthotic insoles improve weight distribution and alignment through their patented customisable arch and metatarsal support design.These high qulaity, innovative insoles provide a perfect solution for clinicans looking fo an effective ‘Fit and Go’ solution whilst the wearers have a significantly improved foothealth outcome. The unique Poron® Urethane cushioning and fabric top-cover, provide a hard-wearing, comfortable insole whilst the low-profile allows them to slip easily into most shoes.

The patent covers the system of removable support pads that fit on the under-side of the insole, held in place by Velcro. The wearer can choose hard, medium or soft inserts for the arch and metatarsals, ensuring that the most comfortable support and fit for every person.

Please visit the Orthotic Insole page on this site for further details.