BoBo Pro Lite 2.0 – Smart Balance Board

BoBo Pro Lite 2.0 – Smart Balance Board

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The BoBo Pro Lite 2.0 smart balance board allows you to train your balance and track range of motion with the balance board and motion sensor. Simply power on the BoBo board or sensor and connect to the app via bluetooth to test yourself, play games and track your progress over time.

This package allows you to access the BoBo Balance Pro app, giving you access to advanced rehabilitation protocols and the option to create customised training programs for your patient. The app also allows you to monitor multiple patients results with progress tracking and PDF report feedback. The Pro Lite 2.0 is perfect for clinic and home use, adhering to your specific training goals and exercise level.

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BoBo is an affordable training board that mounts on any balance training platform, turning it into a smart training tool. By tilting the board, the user controls games and training programs that are motivating and challenging.

BoBo’s software – offers personalized training programs that keep track of user performance, progress and achievement. Compatible with bobo games, tests, and training programs, BoBo allows users to choose their preferred content thus turning exercise and rehabilitation into an enjoyable, rewarding and challenging activity

Pre-set rehabilitation protocols

The BoBo Balance Pro app offers a database of pre-set rehabilitation protocols including static and dynamic balance test and this advanced version provides you with the option to create a customised training program with detailed progress tracking . Thanks to these, patients will be able to perform the various postural exercises in a simple and effective way.

Get detailed and exportable reports

During the training session, the relevant data is collected and automatically transformed into detailed reports for further clinical analysis. You will also have the possibility to export the reports, with the related data and graphs included.

Endless variety of games

The BoBo features 15 balance games, such as snowboard, mazes, car races and many more – turning every training session into an exciting and fun experience. The Pro Lite 2.0 also provides you with games to play when testing ROM and training to improve.

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Find the right balance of work and play with BoBo. Enjoy a series of challenging games that will help with your recovery and improve your coordination and agility. By tilting the BoBo, you can control games and training programs with a virtual trainer that will give you new challenges and keep you motivated.

  • Have fun while recovering.
  • Recover in the comfort of your own home.
  • Proven to prevent injuries.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Enhance your workouts with dynamic training

1) What’s in the box?

The BoBo Pro Lite includes BoBo training board, motion sensor, 3 velcro straps, wall mount kit and magnetic charging cable.

2) App

Search BoBo Pro and download the App from the App Store.

Available on Apple iOS and Android

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3) Power

Turn on the BoBo with a short press on the button

4) Pairing

Pairing to the App is automatic. Ensure your smartphone/tablet’s Bluetooth is enabled.

5) Stand on the BoBo

Place the BoBo on a cushion or other appropriate balance platform and now you’re ready to play!

Wireless connection to BoBo Android T.V Box

LED & audio indicators

Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer

Operating temp.: -5°C to 45°C (23°F to 113°F)

Battery Type: Rechargeable 100mAh lithium polymer

Battery Life: 12 hours of continuous use

Communication Modules: Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

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