CPM Knee Cart for Bed Use (Low Version)

CPM Knee Cart for Bed Use (Low Version)

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A purpose built cart for Kinetec knee CPMs. The CPM attaches to the cart so that the CPM remains on the cart during use.

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This easy to use cart is designed to transport and store Kinetec CPM knee units and accessories.

The Kinetec CPM unit attaches permanently to the frame of the cart using bolts, secured from below. The CPM can then be wheeled into place over the bed. The upper section of the cart with attached CPM is placed over the bed for use directly by the patient, with no need for lifting and handling of the CPM by the medical staff.

As the CPM is fixed directly onto the cart, it may be tilted upright to improve storage options.

Streamlined, durable and resistant to commonly used disinfectants. This cart is the low version within the range. The smaller wheels enable it to be wheeled under beds with low clearance.

Please note that there are 3 versions of this trolley – one for standard beds (standard version), one for beds with low clearance (this version) and one version for the Kinetec Performa knee CPM.

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