The Benefits of Renting a CPM Device

Published: March 23, 2018

“Thank you so much. Loved having the machine and it has defintely done its job. I managed 130 degrees at my physio today on a Cybex machine – thanks to the CPM.”

Julie, March 2018

“I hired a CPM machine from Kinetec UK to support my recovery from a knee manipulation under anaesthesia (MUA). I was instructed by my physio to use it 3x day for an hour per session for a fortnight. The gains made in range of movement during surgery have been really well supported using the device alongside ‘manual’ exercise sessions. I also want to acknowledge the fantastic customer support from this company who are easy to contact, responsive and quick to sort out any problems that arise. If you are having knee surgery, this CPM machine loan is worth the investment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Lisa, London, June 2018

Recent research from Germany has highlighted the significant benefits of using CPM therapy alongside active, physiotherapist-led rehabilitation in the home.

For patients who are looking to optimise their recovery from joint surgery, CPM therapy offers an outstanding option for their recovery. By hiring a CPM, the patient can achieve better outcomes for their mobility, pain and daily living activities. The option of hiring a CPM for a minimum of 2 weeks, means that the cost to the patient is relatively insignificant – from as little as £10 per day. The CPMs are delivered directly to the patient’s home with carriage costs for delivery and collection covered within the hire fee. The CPMs are simple to set-up and use and online videos through the Kinetec site offer further guidance.

CPM hire is also available to hospitals and clinics. This is particularly useful for hand & wrist, elbow, shoulder and ankle post-op recovery where the CPM devices may be used more infrequently.

For more information on CPM rental, please contact us directly or visit our rental page.