Rush Post-Op Knee Brace

Rush Post-Op Knee Brace

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Rush Post operative knee-brace can be used to treat a range of conditions which require immobilisation or control of knee range of movement after surgeries or injuries. Treatment and further treatment of knee joint and soft tissue injuries.

Available in one, universal size.

Adjustable length: 48 – 61cm (thigh: 22 – 28cm, shin: 26 – 33cm)

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Product Characteristics 

  • Two splints provide lateral stabilisation
  • Five self-adhesive stabilising straps (including infrapatellar strap)m each independently adjusted
  • Easy to operate monocentric hinge which controls range of motion every 10°, flexion: 0° to 120°, extension -10° to 90°
  • Quick lock: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°
  • Flat hinge
  • Intuitive length adjustment
  • Front panel enables quick and easy adjustment of brace circumference
  • Extra option: cold pack which can be attached to the hinge
  • Soft padding protects the leg and ensures, its optimal position
  • One, universal model for left and right leg
  • Weight of the brace does not exceed 800 grams