Follow Knee Brace

Follow Knee Brace


Lightweight functional knee brace.




Exceptionally lightweight functional knee brace developed in conjunction with sports professionals to help in the treatment of knee injuries, ligament failure and weakened muscles. The 430g frame made from aircraft-grade aluminium with patented four-point hinge to mirror the physiological movement of the knee. Soft, skin friendly straps with superb adjustability. Choose from 5 sizes of left or right options.



Exceptionally lightweight frame:
The lightweight frame is only 430g, which significantly helps the user’s comfort and compliance.

Aircraft-grade aluminium construction:

This not only ensures light weight, but durability.

Soft, skin-friendly lining:
The lining is extremely comfortable and has hypo-allergenic properties.

Multiple settings for extension and flexion:
The brace is supplied with stops for extension at 10º, 20º and 30º and flexion at 10º, 20º, 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º  and 110º.

Patented hinge:
The patented hinge is designed to ‘follow’ the physiological movement of the knee, ensuring best user experience and comfort.

Wide, elastic straps and movable buckles:
The wide, elastic straps and profiled frame with movable buckles allow optimal adjustment and superb functionality, whilst the user also enjoys a really comfortable experience.

Numbered straps:
The straps are all numbered ensuring the correct application of the brace every time.

Developed in conjunction with professional sports:
The design was developed and tested with professional sports people to ensure optimal design, comfort and functionality.

Wide range of accessories:
The brace comes with a wide range of accessories – carry bag, condylar and supracondylar pads of different thickness, extra lining and flexion/extenstion stops.

Tested to extremes:
The brace has been tested in extreme conditions – salt, chlorine, water, snow, high & low temperatures.

Wide range of sizes:
The brace is available in 5 sizes for both legs.

Measure the thigh 15cm above and the calf at 12.5cm below the knee joint (mid-line of the patella).

Thigh Circ:
Calve Circ:

Extra Small (XS)

Small (S)

Medium (M)

Large (L)

Extra Large (XL)

Frame construction: Aluminium

Straps and lining: Man-made, hypo-allergenic fabrics

Weight: 430g (15.2ozs)

Flexion/Extension Limits: extension at 10º, 20º and 30º and flexion at 10º, 20º, 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º  and 110º.

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