Thomas Splint

Thomas Splint

The Kinetec Thomas Splints are modular, allowing you to select the appropriate leg support length and thigh hoop width per patient.

To order the items of this modular splint the order and links to them are:

Leg Supports (available in four sizes)

Thigh Hoops (available in four sizes)

Thigh Hoop Foam Covers

Thomas Splint Hoop Covers (available in four sizes)

Thomas Splint Sling (available in three sizes)


Thomas Splint Suspension Rings

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    Thomas Splint:

    Kinetec are delighted to bring you a new, simple, modular Thomas Splint system with a full range of accessories.

    The frames and hoops can be used on either leg, simply flip the frame over and connect the thigh hoop using the magnet system. The Thomas Splints are made from chrome-plated steel to allow easy cleaning and to ensure durability.

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    Thomas Splint

    Selecting the correct leg support length and thigh hoop size is made easy as the Kinetec Thomas Splint system is modular, with 4 sizes of thigh hoop and 4 sizes of leg support.

    Each thigh hoop will fit on to each leg support so you can choose the most appropriate combination (except Size 1 Thigh Hoop should not be used with Size 4 Leg Support and Size 4 Thigh Hoop should not be used with Size 1 Leg Support).

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    Use the patient’s uninjured leg for taking measurements. 

    To select the correct Leg Support, measure the inside leg from the groin to the bottom of the heel. Add another 20cm to allow for ankle plantar flexion in the splint and for the application of a windlass.

    To select the correct Thigh Support, measure the thigh circumference near the groin at an oblique angle to determine the thigh hoop size.

    Please note that as all leg sizes and shapes are different, the medical staff should select the most appropriate combination for each patient.

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