Rear (Occipital) Head Pad

Rear (Occipital) Head Pad

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Rear (Occipital) Head Pad

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Deluxe neoprene pads for use with the Kinetec Kooler. High quality for multiple and long term use. The Rear (Occipital) Head Pad version is ideal for reducing pain around the back fo the head.

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Compresses the dynamic Kinetec Kooler ™ has a water distribution system directly soldered into the sleeve allowing a perfect fit to all body parts. The pads are made of soft, flexible material, latex for maximum comfort and are designed to adapt to different shapes and sizes of patients. the individual pads are interchangeable they can be used with all the compressors. The compresses are universal and useable right or left. Migraine and comprehensive treatment of pain.