Kooler Battery Pack & Carry Kit

Kooler Battery Pack & Carry Kit

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Battery pack and carry kit for the Kinetec Kooler™

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Battery pack and carry kit designed to enable the Kinetec Kooler™ to be carried easily and used away from a mains power source. This is an ideal solution where you want to provide all the benefits of mobile cooling therapy without having to use ice or mains supply. For example, it can be used on the side of a pitch or on a team bus during travel to and from games.

A fully charged battery pack provides the Kinetec Kooler™ with up to 4 hours in cold mode and 6.5 hours in warming mode.

The kit includes a steel carrier with handle, canvas shoulder strap, battery, AC mains charger, DC vehicle charger and a battery lead to connect it to the Kinetec Kooler™.


(Please note that the Kinetec Kooler™ shown in some images is sold separately – please see related products.)