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Squegg is an ergonomic and durable smart device designed thoughtfully for grip training and hand therapy. It is a Bluetooth-enabled dynamometer that measures, monitors, and improves your grip strength through fun and engaging ways. It’s smarter than analog dynamometers and significantly lighter than mechanical grip trainers.

Do you find it tough to do consistent handgrip training exercises? With Squegg, you can track your grip strength by connecting the app with your phone. Also, patient’s get an excellent grip training exercise with exciting games!

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Build a healthy lifestyle with Squegg! A lot of day to day activities require grip strength – when you add Squegg to the daily routine, you enjoy better grip and healthier hands. If you want to develop full hand mobility or you are in the process of recovering from an injury, the smart device can help to improve your grip with engaging exercises.

Have a goal in mind? Squeeze this soft ergonomic, smart gadget to keep track of your grip strength and your grip count. Monitor your progress with – visually appealing and easy to read graphics.

The Squegg makes it easy to monitor and plan as patients can download and share their stats easily. You can monitor your progress which will help in better prescribing new exercises and goals for patients.


Robust Grip Training

The ergonomic design of the Smart Grip trainer and the outer silicone shell offer optimal comfort with every grasp. The silicone shell prevents moisture accumulation and is also comforting to the skin.

Train At Your Convenience

It is portable! Carry it anywhere, and start gripping. One charge offers 80 hours of battery life.

Track Your Progress

Connect via Bluetooth and Grip the Squegg to evaluate the grip strength, measure your grip count, and track your progress.

Fun And Entertainment

In-app games for a fun and enjoyable experience and grip strength exercises for people of different fitness levels


Hand and Mind Cooperation

Squegg uses the gamification technique to improve your motor skills and enhances your mind-muscle coordination.

Information Processing Skills

Our games are designed to challenge your ability to process and analyze incoming information and get better at it as you play every day.

Reaction Time

Our games can work on your reaction time and stimulate your response time as you play to score points.

Grip Training For A Healthy Heart

Have you always looked for a blood pressure-lowering device? Just do 12 minute isometric handgrip training and see the change yourself. The drop in your blood pressure is equivalent to the drop you get when you lose 12lbs of body weight.

Exercise Your Grip

Squegg’s in-app Isometric Exercise Feature guides you through the exercise. It has sound mechanics and clear guidance to help you be within the target range of 30-40% of your benchmark strength.

For further information about the Squegg, please see the brochure below:

Squegg Brochure