Kinvent Grip

Kinvent Grip

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The Kinvent grip is a connected dynamometer for grip strength assessment with real-time biofeedback centralised on a single app. You can view measurements and results on your smartphone or tablet making it quick and convenient to use.

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KFORCE is the first solution that allows the physiotherapist to evaluate strength, balance and movement in a simple, quick and efficient way. The sensors consisting of dynamometers, force platforms and goniometers allow a wide variety of biomechanical evaluations.

Thanks to its numerous functionalities, the KFORCE application allows patients to carry out a playful and motivating rehabilitation session using personalised games with real-time biofeedback and therefore increasing patient engagement. Follow-up progress is greatly facilitated thanks to the intuitive reports allowing to visualize at a glance the evolution of the patient.


Measure Patient’s Progress

  • Assess your patient with precise metrics in less than 20 seconds, in strength, movement and balance.
  • Create autonomous patient-based training protocols with real-time biofeedback.
  • As a modern physiotherapist, exploit biomechanics methodologies to enhance your practices.
  • Involve your patient with personalized rehabilitation goals and a clear follow-up.
  • Obtain precise analytics, benefiting from Kinvent’s experience in research and professional sports.

Max Grip Strength Assessment

  • This assessment tests the maximal grip strength which corresponds to the maximal strength of the patient. It is related to a short and strong physical effort and it is very helpful as a work reference. The most relevant measured parameter is the force peak.


  • Exercises are customizable in order to train the patient or athlete on a targeted zone and optimize the work. Following the assessment results, the target zone is adjustable to a percentage of the max evaluation.
  • Repetition: Based on the assessment reference, you will train your patients on a specific number of repetitions to reach a specific target (% of the max).  A repetition is counted when there are muscle contraction & release cycles which you can control the pace of the repetitions in real time.
  • Isometric: This exercise requires a sustained and static movement instead of squeeze & release contraction cycle. The patient will keep their muscles contracted while keeping a steady position, whilst the app will measure the level of strength. You are also able to set a target for your patients.

An Intuitive Sensor

  • The Grip is a connected dynamometer for grip strength assessment. Get real-time biofeedback and objectify monitoring in max strength.

Centralise your Data and Monitoring

  • Kforce App: In collaboration with specialised physiotherapists, professional sports clubs, and the biomechanical research sector, the application is constantly evolving in order to allow our users to take advantage of the best in the field of evaluation.
  • Reports: The results highlight the percentage of deficit or imbalance between both hands. Each KFORCE report can be exported in a PDF format.
  • Results over time: The key to progress for functional rehabilitation is motivation. This motivation can be powered by the measurement and the ability to compare the starting point regarding the current state as well as how close the patient is to recovery or return to sport.

1. Assessments

View patients’ performance in real time.

2. Exercising

Create personalised rehabilitation programs with precise and adapted goals.

3. Rehab-Gaming

Make rehabilitation fun, engaging and motivating with targeted rehabilitation games.

4. Monitoring

Monitor patients’ progress over time with standardised biomechanics analysis criteria.

5. Reports

Generate PDF reports in one-click.

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