Tecnica CT Diab

Tecnica CT Diab


Tecnica CT Diab, toe cover to use with other Extrostyle foot braces. Available in sizes S-XXL. (Sold as single piece)


SKU: EX021200


The Technica foot-ankle braces and post-operative devices are designed for the treatment of the diabetic foot in its acute phase and for the pressure unloading in case of neuropathic and ischemic forefoot or midfoot ulcers. They are also ideal for post surgical treatments and for all foot surgeries.

All uppers have a super-soft padding and no internal seams in order to minimize the frictions. The multi-velcro closure guarantees a comfortable fit even with a bandaged foot and facilitates the adjustment of the footwear. In addition, they have a stabilising and thermoformable heel-counter and a shock-absorbing rigid and rocking outsole with a non-slip island to ensure better stability.

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