Technica 1

Technica 1

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Extrostyle Elderly & Rehabilitation Line Technica 1 is designed for a wide range of foot pathologies. Unisex and available in grey/black in sizes UK 2-14 (EU 35-50).




The Elderly and Rehabilitation Line has been designed for the treatment of a wide range of foot pathologies, unifying the comfort and softness of a slipper with the stability and support of a shoe. This is a great shoe for rheumatoid patients and post-op rehab.

The lightweight, non-slip outsole is wide and shock absorbing. The breathable upper is made to accommodate deformities and swelling. The wide openings and Velcro closure ensure they are easy to use by patients with limited mobility. The shoes accommodate bespoke insoles and have thick 9mm S-Air insoles as standard. They can be made rigid with S-Rigid Fisio fibreglass insoles.

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