The Gea is an ideal women’s shoe for hemiplegic or stroke patients.


NOTE: This product is VAT Exempt

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The Gea Black AS (‘Autonomy Shoe’) is ideal for wearers who are looking for a high quality, practical and comfortable outdoor shoe that has been designed specifically for hemiplegics and stroke patients. The specially designed heel facilitates easy access of the foot and the BOA® fixation system ensures the shoe closes evenly and easily with one hand. The drop-down heel also helps to accommodate a wearer’s AFO.


Available in sizes 2 to 7 (35 to 41). Please note that this brand is being discontinued, so if you cannot find your correct size, please try a different style.


Please note that VAT exemption is available on this product for purchasers who have suffered a stroke or suffer from other disabilities.

Designed for stroke, hemiplegia and AFO wearers:
These leather outdoor shoes are designed to look smart and attractive – a High Street look – but specially designed with features to help stroke and hemiplegic patients.

Drop-down heel:
The Elio has a specially designed ‘drop-down’ heel that can be opened and fastened to allow easy foot (and AFO) access.

One-handed opening, closing and fastening:
The drop-down heel is easily opened and fastened using one hand due to the unique BOA® fastening system.

Seamless lining:
The lining of the uppers is seamless, reducing the risk of rubbing which can create sores.

BOA® fastening system:
The shoes are secured using the simpe, innovative BOA® fastening system. The fastening ensures that the shoe doesn’t ‘loosen’ whilst being worn and is easy to tighten and loosen with one hand.

Intelligent sole design:
The specially designed, innovative sole has been designed to improve the gait of the wearer, with an extended ‘rocker’ at the front of the shoe to help improve stride length and rounded edges to the soles to help prvent tripping and falls.

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