Anadia Grey

Anadia Grey


A womans casual shoe designed specifically for diabetics. Ideal for comfortable outdoor wear.


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The Anadia shoe is ideal for women with diabetes who are looking for an extremely comfortable shoe designed to help the prevention of foot ulcers. The upper fabric is breathable, padded and water-resistant and has a smooth, seamless lining. The BOA® fastening system ensures the shoe closes evenly and easily for a variety of foot shapes.
The specially designed sole, facilitates the rolling of the step and spreads out the pressure peaks, transferring load to the outside of the shoe’s sole. There is an option of wearing this with carbon fibre stiffening insole for secondary prevention.


Available in sizes 3 to 7 (36 to 41). Also available in black. This brand is being discontinued, so if you cannot find your size, please try a different style.


Please note that VAT exemption is available on this product for purchasers with diabetes or other disabilities

Stylish design:
These outdoor shoes are designed to look modern and attractive – a High Street look – with special design to help prevent pressure ulcers.

Water-resistant, breathable upper:
The wearers feet are kept dry and are allowed to breathe with the water-resistant, breathable upper.

Seamless lining:
The lining of the uppers is seamless, reducing the risk of rubbing which can create sores.

BOA® fastening system:
The shoes are secured using the simpe, innovative BOA® fastening system. This system ensures that the pressure distribution across the instep is improved versus traditional laces, and will stay at a consistent pressure. The fastening also means that the shoe doesn’t ‘loosen’ whilst being worn and is easy to tighten with one hand.

Intelligent sole design:
The specially designed, innovative sole has been designed to reduce the pressure peaks on the sole of the foot. The concave shape moves the pressure distribution ‘outside’ of the foot to the edge of the shoe, reducing the pressure along the metatarsals. In addition, the 15º rocker sole helps to improve stride length, reducing the number of wearer’s steps and hence reducing risk.

Thick insole:
The shoes are all supplied with a thick, comfortable insole, which can be easily removed to be replaced by the patients preferred orthotic, ensuring that the shoe still fits correctly at the heel.