Plantare S-Rigid Active

Plantare S-Rigid Active


The Diabetic Foot Braces and Post-Operative Devices Line Technica Diab  are designed for the treatment of the diabetic foot in its acute phase and for the pressure unloading in case of neauropathic and ischemic forefoot or midfoot ulcers.


SKU: EX051500


The fibre glass insoles and the Extrostyle footwear are great allies against the diabetic foot, as they allow for the qualified health professionals to use the footwear in all stages of risk. They comply with all international protocols for the treatment and the medication of the diabetic foot.

The technology and the experience of Extrostyle, and from scientific studies and advanced researches in the bio-mechanical field, results the new ACTIVE line, a performant footwear with a current and innovative design in many respects, suitable for the treatment of foot morphology alterations. The footwear of the ENERGY line combined with our insoles in fibre glass can cover all stages of risk since they follow the international protocols for the treatment and care of the diabetic foot.

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  • S-Rigid insole: extra rigid fibre glass insole. It makes the outsole completely rigid, limiting the joint stress of the foot during walking and reducing significantly the pressure peaks on the forefoot, redistributing them correctly.