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Zefiro Grey

Lightweight shoe for men with diabetes.


The lightweight diabetic shoe range is ideal for wearers who are looking for an extremely comfortable, lightweight shoe to wear both indoors and outdoors. The innovative upper ‘smart fabric’ is seamless, padded and stretches to accommodate the foot. It also incorporates a silver thread that provides an anti-microbial effect.
The upper fabric is breathable and water-resistant, ensuring that the foot stays dry.

With a lightweight sole and the option of a sole-stiffening, carbon-fibre insole, this shoe is ideal for helping to prevent primary and secondary ulcer formation.


Only available in size 10 (44) as this range is being discontinued.


Please note that VAT exemption is available on this product for purchasers with diabetes or other disabilities

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Stylish design:
The lightweight shoes are designed to look modern and attractive – a High Street look.

‘Smart fabric’ upper:The lightweight Diabetic Shoe range is manufactured using a one-piece, ‘smart fabric’ incorporating padded, waterproof fabric with integrated silver thread to inhabit bacterial growth.

One-piece construction:
The one-piece construction means that the whole upper is seamless to reduce ‘rubbing’ and pressure points.

Water-resistant, breathable upper:
The wearers feet are kept dry and are allowed to breathe with the special ‘smart fabric’ upper.

Padded upper:
The upper has a foam padding layer to help protect the wearers feet from knocks and damage.

Stretchy fabric upper:
The upper is made from a stretchy fabric that helps to accommodate different feet widths.

Lightweight Sole:
The specially designed, lightweight sole is lighter than average soles. This is an advantage for wearing around the home.

Thick insole:
The shoes are all supplied with a thick, comfortable insole, which can be easily removed to be replaced by the patients preferred orthotic, ensuring that the shoe still fits correctly at the heel.

Elasticated laces:
The shoes are provided with a strecthy lace which is easy to fasten and accommodates the foot easily.

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