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Kinetec Pedala

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Active Trainer. This ideal complement to ensure full knee recovery. The ideal fits perfectly within the rehabilitation protocol enabling:
Muscular reinforcement
Isometric, isotonic and physiological work
exceptional patient compliance and autonomy

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Weight 1 kg

The best approach to muscular training
The KINETEC PEDALA enables full recovery after all knee, hip ankle traumatic & orthopaedic pathologies, its main advantages are:
Muscular reinforcement:
Used from the complete scar healing of the soft tissues, the KINETEC PEDALA allows the patient to experience a progressive resistance in the area requiring physical rehabilitation.
Isometric, isotonic and physiological work:
The synchronized movement of the lower limbs enables the training of protagonist and antagonist muscular chains.
Exceptional patient Compliance:
The patient self-controls the movement, the speed, and the range of motion. He actively participates in his rehabilitation.
The active movement repetition (the neuro-muscular activity promotes the joint proprioception

Weight- 12.3 kg
Range of motion: 0 to 100°
Patient sizing 1.5m to 1.95m
1.5V battery LR44
Room temperature- 10 to 40°C / 50 to 105°C
Relative humidity: up to 80%

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