5090 Club Foot CPM

5090 Club Foot CPM

The one of a kind CPM dedicated to club foot rehabilitation

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    The Kinetec 5090, for treatment of the idiopathic club foot, restores or maintains ankle and subtalar mobility in addition to preventing fibrosis and periarticular soft tissue changes.

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    Anatomical and precise motion:
    The KINETEC 5090 has been designed to provide the most precise and anatomical motion in the 3 possible movements axis of the foot.
    Maximum Safety:
    Because safety is more than eve key in this type of pathology, the digital remote control technology from KINETEC provides a secured step by step programming mode which will check each and every parameter prior to mobilizing the joint
    A complete solution:
    Whether being used as a pre-operative therapy, the KINETEC 5090 is delivered with all the required tools to perform a consistent and safe rehabilitation in every professional or home environment.