Successful Exhibition at Arab Health 2017

Published: February 9, 2017

Kinetec International attended another successful Arab Health exhibition in late January 2017. Exhibiting a full range of products from CPMs to splinting materials, the main focus was on the new, innovative Kinetec Kompanion CPM.

With exceptional patient and clinician usability, the Kinetec Kompanion uses an electronic tablet to control the functionality of the CPM. It also allows the patient to record their activity and the clinicaian to interact directly with the patient, even in their home environment.

Another winner at the show was Manosplint. Initially launched in 2016, Manosplint continues to go from strenght to strength with the innnovative, unique patient printing capability. This is ideal for clinicians looking to improve the complaince of their patients, particularly paediatrics and long-term splint wearers.