Kinetec UK Complete First Year of Trading

Published: February 9, 2017

Kinetec Medical Products UK Ltd completed their first year of trading at the end of December 2016. Having set up the UK sales, marketing and distribution arm of Kinetec in January 2016, the Director and General Manager Chris Manning was delighted with the first years performance…

“As is typical in any new business, there were highs and lows along the way as we established our trading network across the UK. Working both with key distributors and directly with hospital accounts, our primary focus was to ensure outstanding service and support for our existing product ranges including CPMs, traction frames and Pulman shoes. In addition, we successfully launched a range of new products, the highlight of which has been the Manosplint thermoplastic range. This will be a key seller for us in the coming years.

Looking ahead in to 2017, we have ambitious growth plans supported by the launch of some new and innovative products both under our own Kinetec brand and exclusive distribution arrangments.”