Cold Compression Therapy Range Launched

Published: March 23, 2018

The Dr.Aktive® Cold Compression Therapy supports are recommended for post-op use to control pain and swelling. Our cold therapy support is the ideal way to ‘ice’ the joint whether it be post exercise, injury or as part of a rehabilitation programme. Cold compression therapy will help minimise pain, reduce swelling and maximise your rehabilitation potential.

The simple supports for the knee, shoulder and ankle are cost-effective and easy to use. Simply cool the removable gel pack in the fridge or freezer for a couple of hours and then insert into the support. The soft, conforming support will hold the gel pack in place around the joint using wide Velcro straps. The compression is then provided by using a simple hand-sized pump that pushes air into pockets within the support. These in turn provide the compression. This process can be repeated until the swelling and pain has subsided.

For further details, please visit the Cold Compression Therapy section of this website.